JEROEN VAN VELUW is a young designer who graduated at the HKU university of art and design in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Industrial architecture and landscapes, historical events, the military and space are topics that inspire Jeroen. He translates these human creations, in an eclectic way, into objects with a function. He makes these unattainable and often hidden human creations more personal, accessible and tangible to integrate them in a human environment. In places ranging from home and workplace to restaurant, hotel and shop, where his products can be worked and lived with.

Jeroen van Veluw is part of the Design Collective ZWARTFRAME. ZwartFrame is an Utrecht based collective consisting of five creators in art and design. Passion for the creators process and materializing ideas moved us together organically and forms the foundation of our collaboration. As five members we support each other in individual processes as well as combining our expertise in collaboration projects.


Dutch Invertuals – Take Away – Dutch Design week – Eindhoven – 2018 – Zwartframe

Ya Present – BNO – Dutch Design week – Sectie-c Eindhoven – 2018 – exhibition design / Production – ZwartFrame

Dutch Invertuals – Mutant Matter – Dutch Design week – Eindhoven – 2018 – ZwartFrame

HKU Exposure’18 – Graduation show – 2018

Academie Galerie Utrecht – Momentum – 2018

Dutch Invertuals – Mutant Matter –  Salone del Mobile – Milan – 2018 – ZwartFrame

Glas Nu – Nationaal Glas Museum Leerdam – 2018 – ZwartFrame

Exhibition Production – Dutch Invertuals / Luxaflex – Enlighten at DDW 2017 – 

FRAME  Magazine – Nº123 JUL – AUG 2018
FR123_WebBook_Cover, pdf
FR123-ZwartFrame, pdf

DUDE Magazine – Fall 2018
Dude Magazine Cover, pdf
Dude Magazine – Frame Game, pdf

Arches at ‘Take Away’ ddw’18

Conflict at ‘Mutant Matter’ mdw’18

Ddw’18 top 10, Dutch Invertuals, Arches


Owner / Designer – Jeroen van Veluw, Product Design / Utrecht 2016 – present
Designer – Zwart Frame Collective / 2016 – Present
HKU hogeschool voor de kunsten Utrecht – Bachelor Product Design / 2014 – 2018
ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten Arnhem – Bachelor Product Design / 2012 – 2013

Jeroen van Veluw has been got the opportunity to accommodate his INTERNSHIP at Studio Mieke Meijer. Due to his fascination with industry, industrial architecture, industrial constructions and maker ship, the connection between Jeroen van Veluw and Studio Mieke Meijer was set. During his internship period, Jeroen van Veluw participated in the Formworks project.