Febuary 2019
The OBJECT fair is a platform for the latest limited editions and one-offs from well-known and upcoming designers working in different design disciplines and with various materials. OBJECT is thé place where the cutting edge between design, crafts, fashion, architecture and art becomes evident and it is a must-see for collectors, professionals and other design-minded people.


Project description
Conflict: Coated steel and HDPE, 150 x 150 x 10 cm.

Conflict is about materials which expand due to temperature differences. Almost every material expands as soon is it becomes warmer, and starts to shrink when it’s temperature drops. We used this phenomenon as a production technique to make objects. The circle is based on this principle. The white inner circle is just 3 centimetres bigger than the metal ring. By cooling the plastic circle to minus 80 degrees, the circle shrinks exactly enough to fit just into the metal ring. By exposing it to ambient temperature again,

Arches: Stool: plaster and paper, 35cm / 45cm / 32cm, Bench: plaster and paper, 120cm/ 45cm / 32cm.

In ‘Arches’ We are aiming to find new and unexpected applications for a fully recyclable material: plaster. Being widely used for the coatings of walls and ceilings, plaster requires a hidden supporting framework. While it is not known as a strong material, we demonstrate with Arches its unexpected load-bearing properties.

Plaster is a natural material that is infinitely recyclable without losing it’s quality. by combining it with one of the oldest and strongest constructive forms, we are able to use as little material as possible. we guarantee load-bearingqualities by bringing plasterboard into the self-supporting structural form of an arch.