Year: 2021, Dimentions: 78 x 45 x 40 cm, Materials: Powdercoated steel tubes and sheets

Festa, a series of honest, understandable and functional furniture made of simple steel components and fixing materials. Through a simple and manageable modular assembly system, anyone who wants to can assemble a piece of furniture themselves. This modular system, intuitive design and personal input ensure that you enter into a relationship with the product, so that they stay with you your lifetime.

With Festa I facilitate a new way of thinking and awareness about your furniture. Buying a chair once is enough, because why should you have to buy a new one every five years if you have assembled your own chair, looked after it and refurbished it from time to time? Ensemble is a future-proof and sustainable product that strengthens the relationship between people and objects.

Festa refers to the Swedish word Fästa which means to attach, fasten and repair.