Febuary 2019

Project description
Black powdercoatet metal tubes, 70cm x 40cm x on request.

Hochöfen originated because of my attraction to industry. Often due to the inaccessibility of industrial sites. A blast furnace (Hochöfen) is such an industrial environment; a kind of cathedral that commands respect through its immensity, workforce and inaccessibility. It seems impossible that it has been made by human hands. The materials on which the factory site is built are often hard, bleak and cold, for example steel and concrete. All these elements ensure a distant attitude towards human beings. Unreachable, gray and desolate. “Hochöfen” is a work furniture, in which I have translated the elements of a blast furnace into an object that is more human and accessible. A light object, inspired by blast furnaces, to live and work with. The industry brought to the human world.

Hochöfen was presented at Object Rotterdam ’19