TU Delft MSc Technical Medicine alumni present.

MSc Technical Medicine alumni present.

Year: 2021, Dimentions: 90 x 50 x 5 cm, Materials: Brass, Cork, Glass.

For the MSc Technical Medicine, a joint education programme of the Erasmus University, University Leiden and TU Delft, I worked on the design of a iconic gift for all future alumni. A custom made gift for all future alumni of this study programme. A gift in two parts, one to give away and one that stays behind at the university. It is a pin with a symbolic reference to the programme and the three city’s Rotterdam, Delft and Leiden. The triangle stands for the cooperation between the three universities and the graphic heartbeat and the flame for the study programme. Protected by a customised box with the pin printed on top. The pin is given to each graduate of the study programme. The pin can be removed from the pin board during the graduation ceremony. leaving behind an empty space where the graduate can add a personalized message being a name, text or drawing In this way, the alumni and the universities remain connected. A nice memento for alumni and university, a point of  recognition in the outside world.

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