Year: 2017, Dimensions: 180 x 60 x 60cm, Materials: Bamboo, Rubber, Felt.

The Referee Chair is made as a translation of a trip I have made. During this four week during trip, I have visited desolate places. During this trip I came to a very special place, a place that was very important to the people from around, a place where people came together and shared happiness and sadness, a place where there was a lot of movement. Stadion De Wageningse Berg was the place that inspired me to make the Referee Chair. The stadium is in now in strong contrast with the time there were played professional football games. The lights who stand high above the stadium give the impression that there is something very important going on. Unfortunately this is an illusion because fc wageningen went bankrupt a long time ago. Sinds then there has never been played

a football match anymore. The chair has a deterrent attitude towards the users due to its height. When you climb it, you have a good idea of what’s happening around you. At the same time, you also have authority over what is happening. You radiate authority. This is the same as with the stadium lights of the old stadium. They look at what happens, emphasize the stadium and are also guards of the place. I tried to bring this back into the chair. The Referee Chair refers to a referee who also has overview and authority over what is happening at the football field. The colors are derived from FC Wageningen and the stadium itself.