Tilt / Switch / Flip

Tilt / Switch / Flip

Together with Studio Pesi

Table: Year: 2021, Dimentions: 75 x 60 x 35 cm, Materials: Powdercoated steel tubes an Ash wood
Stool: Year: 2021, Dimentions: 45 x 40 x 25 cm, Materials: Ash wood
Lamp: Year: 2021, Dimentions: 25 x 100 x 120 cm, Materials: Powdercoated steel tubes and sheets

Both designers are working on combining emotion with the industrial production process. They bring this topic back in a collection of industrially produced designs that promote the switch between work and private life in the same space.

The increasing world population, the growing number of single-person households and the shortages of living and working spaces. These are the reasons why the designers created ‘Tilt – Switch – Flip’ a collection of three essential products for working and relaxing in the same space with the same product. By literally tilting a Desk, stool or light, you can be at home in no time and enjoying the domestic well-being. And the next morning, you’ll be back at the office in the blink of an eye.

Tilt – Switch – Flip facilitates a simple, intuitive and flexible way of working and relaxing at home by physically converting your furniture into an office and the same way around to I private area.